Hastings Berean Bible Church

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Hastings Berean is a church located in Hastings, Nebraska. They meet in an older building which features some wonderful architecture including an open sanctuary with a balcony. Their previous site didn’t accurately convey what what it was like to visit Hastings Berean. This was part of the reason for the redesign: they wanted their website to give both an accurate depiction of the church and an immediately positive impression. Another reason for the redesign was to create a site that was easy to update.

As Bereans, studying the words of the Bible is a particularly emphasized at Hastings Berean Bible Church. As such, the design was geared towards making the text (headings, paragraphs, etc.) graphically appealing in and of themselves. This meant careful selection of the typeface, the font sizes, colors, and thinking of interesting ways to layout headings and paragraphs in different columns. Photos still played a key role, as per one of the goals of the redesign, in giving a pleasing and accurate idea of what to aspect if you visit their church.

Page layout/design sketches

Contact page designing


To accompany the website redesign, the logo was also refreshed. The overall design and idea behind the logo didn’t change, it was merely simplified both in terms of lines and colors.

HBBC logo history

Initial logo modification discovery

Color exploration

Final logo variations

Homepage before/after


Live site:  hastingsberean.org