Unique and custom tailored design

A custom designed website is crafted by considering your brand, the content you want to communicate, and goals you'd like to achieve. Together we'll take a journey to discover how to best represent your organization online.

There are four phases to the website creation process: The Content Phase, Design Phase, Development Phase, and last the Training and Launching Phase. Custom websites are quoted on a per-project basis starting at $4,000.


Get up and running quickly

This is a new offering from Zellous Design, and one I'm very excited to share! If you have a budget or time constraint, using the pre-built website option is a fantastic solution. The design and content structure have been created with the needs and goals of a typical small business in mind. Most small businesses don't have a marketing department, so the site's design is meant to accommodate typical photographs that aren't Photoshopped or taken specifically to accommodate overlaying text. The header and footer design uses a color close to white so you don't need to provide a version of your logo that would work on dark backgrounds.

In the header and footer you'll find places for content such as a phone number call to action (CTA), social links, certifications, and service areas, which is beneficial to search engine optimization (SEO).

The pre-built website costs $1,600 and comes with three hours of customization work to adapt the site to your needs. Additional layout changes are billed at $80/hour. Take a look at the uncustomized pre-built site.


A super simple site without sacrificing the technical aspects


Some websites require frequent updates to pluggins, the platform, and themes (yes Wordpress, I'm looking at you). Websites through Zellous Design don't require the same kind of maintenance. Simply put, it's a piece of cake.


Websites are constantly being poked and prodded for vulnerabilities. Purchasing shared hosting and setting up a database driven CMS provides many points of attack for hackers. On the other hand, a flat-file website through Zellous Design is far more secure.


After your website is launched, there will be text and images you'll want to change. A website through Zellous Design is easy enough to update that you won't be intimidated or lost in the "backend" of your site.


It's 2018, and almost 50% of your visitors will be using their phones to view your site. Having a design that accommodates any screensize is a must.


To further reduce page load time, CSS and Javascript assets are automatically minified and then served using a content distribution network (CDN).

Screenshot of a website backend. Editing a page on a computer.


The Setup

A site hosted with Zellous Design is edited online through a content management system (CMS). The live site is a generated flat-file website (no database) hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Flat-file websites are typically faster and more secure than ones which use a database, and serving up the site with AWS means your site should experience very minimal downtime.

Your website will also be connected to a private GitHub repository. This means it's always backed-up and can be rolled back to a previous version of your site or a particular file. (This also gives you access to all the source files of your site if you'd like to setup local development and change the structure of your site.)

Hosting is $30/month and covers the CMS, private GitHub repository, additional online storage through Dropbox, handling forms through FormBucket, and two email addresses.


While perfect for most, this setup does have limitations:

  • - The maximum file-size is 25MB*
  • - The total size of the website must be under 1GB

*If you have files larger than 25MB, Zellous Design will provide you with a Dropbox folder where you can store up to 10GB of files.