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New to Indiana, but not to the web

Hey, I'm Brandon and this is a picture of my family. We moved to Indiana from Maryland at the end of 2015. Just before moving, I left my previous job as an in-house designer and started Zellous Design. It's been a little over a decade since I began dabbling in web design and I'm excited to have the opportunity to use my knowledge to help small businesses and other organizations!

The Zell family


Many businesses / organizations struggle to edit and update their website

One of the most common themes I've seen come up over and over is websites that can't easily be edited. Most people don't have grand schemes for their website, they just need to update some text and a couple photos. Yet it's pretty common to find sites that are: visually dated, not responsive, and difficult to edit. At this point, the usefulness of these websites has decreased considerably. They're still providing information to visitors, but not all of it is accurate, and the dated look doesn't leave visitors with a good impression.

Zellous Design was started because I feel like I can help with these issues. I've learned to design and code websites, and I've found a particularly powerful platform that allows website owners to update their site quite easily!

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